Silver American Eagles Rationing Ended

We are pleased to announce after 28 weeks of allocation in 2016, effective Monday, July 18, 2016, we have lifted allocation of American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins. Authorized Purchasers may purchase as many American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins they desire.

Gold Prices are Steady to Slightly Lower

Gold prices are steady to slightly lower in early U.S. trading Monday. Risk appetite in the world marketplace is on the upswing to start the trading week. Global stock markets were higher overnight, led by Japan’s Nikkei, which rallied by 4%…

Brexit Vote to Impact Gold and Silver Prices

The Brexit was announced yesterday evening and has led to heavy trading which has, as predicted, boosted the price of precious metals overnight. As of today at 8:00 a.m CST gold is trading at $1,330.40 which is up $67.80 from yesterdays close.

Bullish Gold Prices for 2016

The price of gold has been a primary topic of discussion among the investing community, and for good reason. The price of the precious metal has climbed dramatically throughout the first half of the year, and considering global…

Self Directed Precious Metals IRA’s

Generally gold is a relatively safe investment that you can count on to increase in value over the years. Look at this example; In 1900 1 oz of gold cost $20.67 and would buy you a nice suit, a pair of shoes, a haircut, a nice dinner…