Silver is sometimes called the "poor man's gold," but investing in silver isn't just a cheap gold proxy. Silver is about 1.5 times more volatile than gold, because of its lower price and the fact that it can act as both an investment and an industrial metal.

How to Buy Silver

Buying silver is a potentially sound way to preserve wealth as a hedge against the economic downturns which may occur locally or nationally. That makes it a practice for just about anyone to consider, even if you don't have a ton of money to allocate toward silver purchases.

Before actually buying silver, you should be aware of several considerations, beginning with why it is worth your while to buy silver. You should also know what kind of silver to buy and how to go about it, and then you'll also need to identify the best place to make your silver purchases. After you've read through the material below, you should have a better idea about these considerations, and you should be somewhat better prepared to make good silver purchases that will diversify your assets.

Buying Physical Silver
Purchasing physical silver can be a good way to diversify your portfolio of assets to protect you against potential fluctuations of the economy. Buying physical silver can be a quick and secure transaction, allowing you to accept delivery of it as silver in coins orĀ as bullion bars or rounds. These assets can be stored at your discretion.

All that's really necessary to purchase physical silver is some knowledge of what you want to buy and funds equivalent to or greater than the purchase you have in mind.

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Buying Silver Coins
Buying silver coins has been seen as a good idea for thousands of years, because coins have provided owners with a solid and stable way of holding and protecting wealth, both at the current time and for the future. As opposed to paper-based assets such as stocks and bonds, which could possibly lose value overnight, silver coins retain an intrinsic value indefinitely.

In short, purchasing silver coins will be attractive to someone looking to retain true value in their assets, both for the present time and for the uncertainty of future times.

Buying Silver Bars
Purchasing silver bars is a very popular practice for people who are new to precious metal purchases, as well as veterans with years and years of experience. The most affordable way to purchase silver is the acquisition of silver bullion bars, which are available in 1-oz, 5-oz, 10-oz, 100-oz, and other sizes. These bars are minted by both private silver mints and government mints, such as the Royal Canadian Mint.

To get the most amount of silver for their money, some people choose to purchase silver bars as opposed to coins. However, it's also true that silver bars are very much like silver rounds in that they carry very little collectible value, and their price is dependent on the volume of silver used in their minting. Private collectors will generally purchase silver bars in sizes of less than 100 oz, but commercial users will typically make purchases of silver bars that come in 1000-oz sizes, primarily because the premium over spot is lowest when purchasing the largest sized bars.

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Process of Buying Physical Silver
One good way to purchase silver is to find a reputable precious metals seller, like Texas Bullion Exchange, who is interested in establishing a business relationship with you over the long term.

This is probably the single most important aspect of physical silver purchasing: finding a reputable and reliable precious metal seller. Once you have located a reputable and trustworthy seller, you can slowly and surely build up a collection of silver coins, bars, rounds, or whatever you're most interested in.

At Texas Bullion Exchange, providing high-quality customer service is our priority. We work with each of our customers to educate them about their precious metal options, including silver bars and rare coins, so they can determine what is best for their needs. Call us today to get started building your silver portfolio.