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Perfect NGC PF70 Specimen!Perfect NGC PF70 Specimen!

Limited Quantity Available! Limited Quantity Available!


Only 999 Minted!Only 999 Minted!
Only 99 Kilo Coins were Minted! Only 99 Kilo Coins were Minted!
2022 $10 Silverland - The Rock NGC PF70 2oz Silver UHR

2022 $10 Silverland - The Rock NGC PF70 2oz Silver UHR Video:

This coin captures your attention and your imagination! This incredible 2 oz silver proof is struck with many facets to create a coin like no other. The moment you hold this coin, you will be amazed how the light dances off its surfaces. You instantly start turning the coin in your hand to see all the different perspectives. You can also notice the different layers of the ultra-high relief that extend all the way to the edges. In fact, some of the highest relief can be found around the outside edge!

This is only possible through the use of smartminting® technology. What do you think when you hold this incredible coin? Will you think of a brilliant diamond or of a Geode stone with its crystals inside? Or about how this coin reminds you how multifaceted life can be? No matter what your perspective is, you will be amazed. The mintage is limited to only 1777 pieces.

Face Value10 Dollars
MetalSilver .999
Weight2 oz
Size38.61 mm
Perfect NGC PF70 Specimen!
2020 1 oz. Donald Trump Silver High Relief PF70 UCAM

2020 1 oz. Donald Trump Silver High Relief NGC PF70 UCAM
“All Together” Trump Label

Coin Highlights:

  • Mintage: 25,000
  • NGC Pop in PF70: 5,512
  • PF70 Trump Label Pop: 2,321
  • 1 troy oz. of .999 Fine Silver

     Legal tender 2020-dated silver coins depicting President Donald Trump and the motto, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. The motto is a direct quote President Trump emphasized during a press briefing at the White House on March 9, 2020.

      The design on the reverse of the .999 fine silver coins includes the outline of an elephant with three stars, the symbol of the Republican Party. The party’s historic elephant mascot dates back to 1874 when it first appeared in a political cartoon.

    The stunning coins were designed by Miles Standish and struck on behalf of the Republic of Cameroon by CIT; an award-winning private mint based in Liechtenstein. CIT produces legal tender coins and private medals for countries and corporations around the world.

    The obverse of the President Trump coin has the words, DONALD TRUMP, above a portrait of the president. A part of the White House is visible behind him and a full-color red, white and blue American flag is on the top of the building.

    Below the elephant is the official symbol of the Republic of Cameroon. The words "Republique du Cameroun" and "1000 Frances CFA" are along the rim. Mintage for these coins is limited to only 25,000

Limited Quantity Available!
2022 $20 Real Heroes-Special Forces 3 oz. Silver Black Proof NGC PF70

2022 $20 Real Heroes-Special Forces 3 oz. Silver Black Proof NGC PF70 Video:

2022 Real Heroes Special Forces

3 oz Silver $20 Black Proof

NGC PF70 Ultra High Relief

On this incredible coin, we honor those that serve in the military special forces units. These heroes are the best of the best and are routinely called upon to carry out the most difficult and dangerous missions. Many of their missions are done in secrecy, and great care is taken to protect these heroes and their identities. Which is exactly the feeling you get when you look at this coin. Specialized uniforms and equipment are a telltale sign of a special forces soldier, and these can be seen on this black-proof finished coin in exceptional detail and in ultra-high relief! The soldier’s protective goggles are expertly colorized to contrast his helmet and mask.

Just beside the rim, you can find the traditional motto of the special forces “de oppresso liber” in micro minting. The obverse shows special forces being dropped in under the cover of night with the primal understanding that “Only the brave are free”. This magnificent 3 oz Silver Black-Proof mintage is limited to only 750 coins!

  • Coin Highlights:

Year: 2022

Face Value: $20 Dollars

Metal: Silver .999

Weight: 3 oz

Size: 50 mm

Quality: Black Proof

Mintage: 750

PF 70 Population: 100

2022 3 oz. $20 Silver Burst NGC PF70

2022 3 oz. $20 Silver Burst NGC PF70 Video:

2022 3 oz Cook Islands Silver Burst Coin.
The image of a face breaking through and leaving broken fragments of silver behind it really draws and holds your attention. You can’t help but wonder about the message you can take away from it. Maybe how powerful yet fragile we are as people.

Key features: 

  • Made of 3 Troy Ounces of .999 fine silver
  • Certified by NGC as a perfect PF70 specimen
  • Very limited mintage of 999 available worldwide
  • Face value of 20 dollars
  • Proof quality

This high detail gives the coin a kind of 3D effect that only CIT can pull off with their trademark Smartmint technology. This process creates very highly detailed images. This coin is highly collectible with a low mintage and only a handful in PF 70. Be sure to get yours before they are all gone. 

Only 999 Minted!
2022 Hunters By Night Eagle Owl Kilo NGC PF70

The second edition of the Hunters by Night series, the Eagle Owl, is in an impressive 1 kg edition!

The larger size of 100 mm really allows every detail to stand out. The ultra-high relief beak gives it a stunning 3D effect and you will easily be able to discover almost every single feather. The hypnotizing eyes are stunning against the super obsidian black finish. So little light is reflected that it requires you to view the piece at just the right angle to fully see all the incredible details the coin possesses. Even the starry night sky on the obverse looks incredible with the mountains in front of it. The mintage of this premium edition is limited to 99 pcs. worldwide! 

To take it one step further, we had these massive kilo coins specially certified by NGC and are guaranteed to be in a flawless PF 70 condition. 

Face Value50 Dollars
MetalSilver .999
Weight1 kg
Size100 mm
QualityObsidian Black
Only 99 Kilo Coins were Minted!
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