American Palladium Eagle

The American Palladium Eagle is one of the newest additions to the American Eagle series, having been introduced in 2017. Despite its recent entry into the market, the American Palladium Eagle is quickly becoming a popular choice among collectors and investors alike. There are many reasons why the American Palladium Eagle is a great coin to collect and invest in.

Firstly, the American Palladium Eagle is produced by the United States Mint, which ensures its quality and authenticity. The mint uses only the highest quality palladium to produce the coins, which are made to strict specifications. This means that collectors and investors can be sure that they are getting a genuine American Palladium Eagle coin.

Secondly, the American Palladium Eagle has a unique and stunning design. The coin features the portrait of the goddess Athena on one side, and a majestic eagle on the other. The design is based on the original work of Adolph A. Weinman, who is also responsible for the design of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar and the Mercury dime. The American Palladium Eagle design is widely recognized around the world and has become a symbol of American ingenuity and creativity.

Thirdly, the American Palladium Eagle is highly collectible. The US Mint produces the coins in limited quantities each year, which makes them rare and valuable. Collectors seek out American Palladium Eagle coins due to their rarity and historical significance. Many collectors also enjoy collecting the various sizes of American Palladium Eagles, which range from 1/10th ounce to 1 ounce.

Lastly, the American Palladium Eagle is an excellent investment. Palladium is a rare and valuable metal and is widely recognized as a safe-haven asset. As the value of the U.S. dollar fluctuates, palladium tends to hold its value or increase in value. This means that investing in American Palladium Eagle coins can be a great way to protect against inflation and economic uncertainty.