2021 $5 La Ciénega Meteorite Impact 1 oz. Silver Coin

A real piece of this meteorite is embedded in the coin!





It was a sunny day when geologist Hugo Lino was prospecting for gold near the abandoned mining community of La Ciénega in Sonora, Mexico on January 30, 2014. He could not believe his eyes when he found a 6.1 kg fusion-crusted meteorite.

This is the 17th edition of this award-winning series and it is dedicated to the Ciénega Meteorite discovered by Hugo Lino in 2014.

As always and as a signature feature, a real piece of this meteorite is embedded in this coin. But this time in a different and extraordinary way!

In a series first, the meteorite is shown going into the edge of the coin as if the coin was liquid silver when the meteorite hit it! If you hold it at just the right angle, you will see the meteorite now being an integral part of the inside of the coin!

This extraordinary 1 oz .999 silver coin measures 26mm in diameter and is struck in an antique finish. Mintage is limited to only 2500 pieces.

CountryCook Islands (the)
Face Value5 Dollars
MetalSilver .999
Weight1 oz
Size26 mm
QualityAntique finish