2021 Isle of Man-Cernunnos $5 Silver 3 oz. UHR

Only 999 Minted!





is the third release in the Celtic Cross Series. It depicts the forest god
Cernunnos on the reverse while the coin’s obverse shows a portrait of Queen
Elizabeth II. Both sides have an intricate Celtic pattern crisscrossing in the

INCREDIBLE ULTRA HIGH RELIEF – These coins were struck by the
Mayer Mint using Coin Invest Trust (CIT) Smartminting® technology to
create stunning Ultra High Relief (UHR) designs.

STRUCK IN HIGHLY PURE SILVER – Each Cernunnos Ultra High
Relief Coin was struck in three ounces of highly pure 99.9% silver and
measures approximately 55 mm in diameter.

LEGAL TENDER – These Three Ounce Silver Cernunnos Ultra High Relief
Coins are £5 (five pounds) legal tender in the Isle of Man, a self-governing
British Crown dependency located in the Irish Sea between England and

UNIQUE ANTIQUED FINISH – Each Three Ounce Silver Cernunnos Ultra
High Relief Coin has been given a special antiqued finish. Typically applied
by hand, this means no two cons are exactly alike.

Three Ounce Silver Cernunnos Ultra High Relief Antiqued Coin will come
Gem Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition.

edition limit for the 2021 Isle of Man Three Ounce Silver Cernunnos Ultra
High Relief Antiqued Coin has been set at just 999.

  • Is this the God of the Stag Party?
Throughout the many pagan religions that once populated the world, one can find a
god or deity for almost anything. But here’s one that we bet you weren’t aware of:
It’s Cernunnos the Horned Forest God of the Celts. Most associated with male
fertility and the stag in rut, he is literally the God of the Stag Party! Actually, there
isn’t a whole lot of information on this mysterious Celtic god, but one thing we
know for sure is that he looks positively terrifying on this fantastic coin, the third
release in the Isle of Man’s popular Celtic Cross series.

  • The Horned God of Celtic Mythology
Did we say terrifying? Oh, boy is he! His thick, pointed beard and wild, shaggy hair
are about his most “normal” affectations seen on this fascinating coin. The rest of
him is all rugged mystery through and through. Crouched as if to spring on some
unwary traveler, Cernunnos is depicted with the antlers of a stag and furry legs and
cloven hooves. In his right hand, he holds a torc, a symbol of wealth, while he
strokes a snake with his left hand.
Associated with the Greek god Pan, Cernunnos is a lusty god, who, according to
some legends dies every winter only to be resurrected each spring and impregnate
the fertile goddess of the land. And, thanks to his elongated horns, Cernunnos has
often been mistaken as a symbol of Satan. Christians have even at times accused the
pagan followers of Cernunnos as being “devil worshipers” thanks to a slew of
nineteenth-century paintings that depict Satan with large, ram-like horns much like
those sported by Cernunnos.
Incredible Ultra High Relief Paired with An Antiqued Finish
The design is even more nuanced thanks to its Ultra High Relief designs struck by
the Mayer Mint using Coin Invest Trust (CIT) Smartminting® technology. The
deep grooves paired with the fantastic high relief creates an almost three-
dimensional effect. And to highlight that effect into an even greater optical
masterpiece, each coin has been layered with an exquisite, antiqued finish. The
result is nothing short of breathtaking.
Struck in three ounces of highly pure 99.9% silver, each. What’s more, each legal-
tender £5 (five pounds) coin available here comes in Gem Brilliant Uncirculated
(BU) condition, meaning that each is the product of a superb strike that places it
firmly among the elite of the run. Each will also come beautifully housed in its
original mint packaging that consists of a clear display case along with a Certificate
of Authenticity.