2022 $10 Eye of Magic - Raven Witch 2 oz. Silver Ultra High Relief

Only 999 Minted!





Simple people always dreaded witches’ knowledge of herbal potions and remedies, their connection with nature and animals, and their free-spirited beliefs. Unquestionably, these female magicians owe their bad reputation to the fear of the unknown. Equally to the sorceress, her companion the raven radiates an eerie aura. The raven’s pitch-black plumage and its croaking call associate it with death and evil omens. The bird endowed with speech symbolizes prophecy and knowledge. Witch and raven share the eye of magic, peering through space and time and connecting the material world with the world of spirits.

Face Value10 Dollars
MetalSilver .999
Weight2 oz
Size45 mm