2022 $20 Real Heroes-Special Forces 3 oz. Silver Black Proof NGC PF70






2022 $20 Real Heroes-Special Forces 3 oz. Silver Black Proof NGC PF70 Video:

2022 Real Heroes Special Forces

3 oz Silver $20 Black Proof

NGC PF70 Ultra High Relief

On this incredible coin, we honor those that serve in the military special forces units. These heroes are the best of the best and are routinely called upon to carry out the most difficult and dangerous missions. Many of their missions are done in secrecy, and great care is taken to protect these heroes and their identities. Which is exactly the feeling you get when you look at this coin. Specialized uniforms and equipment are a telltale sign of a special forces soldier, and these can be seen on this black-proof finished coin in exceptional detail and in ultra-high relief! The soldier’s protective goggles are expertly colorized to contrast his helmet and mask.

Just beside the rim, you can find the traditional motto of the special forces “de oppresso liber” in micro minting. The obverse shows special forces being dropped in under the cover of night with the primal understanding that “Only the brave are free”. This magnificent 3 oz Silver Black-Proof mintage is limited to only 750 coins!

  • Coin Highlights:

Year: 2022

Face Value: $20 Dollars

Metal: Silver .999

Weight: 3 oz

Size: 50 mm

Quality: Black Proof

Mintage: 750

PF 70 Population: 100