2022 $5 Scarab-Ramses II 1oz. Silver UHR

Only 1,500 Minted!





2022 $5 Scarab-Ramses II 1oz. Silver UHR video:

     As a follow-up to the successful 1st edition of the Scarab, we now pay tribute to the eminent Pharaoh Ramses II. The Egyptian sovereign was an admired leader by his people, both during and after his lifetime. Ramses’ popularity may have been fueled by a combination of the prosperity Egypt enjoyed under his rule and his skill as a propagandist. Adorned with a dazzling red crystal, the latest edition once again reveals the pharaoh’s birth name as well as his throne name in hieroglyph style.

Year    2022
Face Value    5 Dollars
Metal    Silver .999
Weight    1 oz
Size    27x18 mm
Quality    Antique finish
Mintage    1500