2023 $5 Silver 1 oz. Spinning Coin

Only 999 Minted!





2023 $5  Silver 1 oz,  Spinning Coin


Year: 2023

Denomination: $5

Metal: .999 Fine Silver

Weight: 1 oz

Diameter: 35 mm

Finish: Antique Quality

Limited Mintage: Only 999 produced

Craftsmanship: Utilizing smartminting® for Ultra High Relief

We're thrilled to introduce our latest masterpiece – the "Spinning Top." This intricate piece celebrates one of the most ancient and universally recognized toys, uncovered at numerous historical dig sites.

The allure of spinning tops is timeless, having emerged independently in various global cultures. Remarkably, some of these enchanting toys date back a staggering 6,000 years. Ancient Romans, for instance, fashioned their tops from materials like boxwood and terracotta. But these tops were more than mere child's play. Historically, they've been instruments for games of chance and even divination. In modern times, they captivate us with their mesmerizing spin, igniting both joy and the playful challenge of outlasting one another in spin duration.