2023 Silverland-The Wave $10 Silver 2 oz. Coin





2023 Silverland-The Wave $10 Silver 2 oz. Coin


Year: 2023

Denomination: $10

Metal: .999 Fine Silver

Weight: 2 oz

Diameter: 38.61 mm

Finish: Proof Quality

Limited Mintage: Only 1,777 crafted

Craftsmanship: Featuring smartminting® in Ultra High Relief

Evolving from the technical masterpiece "The Rock", the 2nd edition in the series embraces a softer, more fluid motif. Gone are the stark angles and rugged terrain. We now immerse ourselves in the sleek realm of water with "The Wave". This edition is distinguished by its strikingly smooth, almost molten-like surface, adding a distinctive and mesmerizing touch to the collection.