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Bar Highlights:

·         Contains 100 oz. of 99.9% pure silver or better.

·         Sold at a low premium over spot price!

·         Condition may be varied, as will the mint.

·         Bars will be selected based on availability.

·         Design is dependent on selected bars.

Buying generic 100 oz Silver Bars in varied condition is one of the most cost effective ways to order silver bullion in bulk. At a very low premium over spot, these bars provide a significant amount of pure silver for a price that is very close to silver spot price itself. Perfect for the investor who is cost averaging and looking for the lowest per ounce premium, the 100 oz varied bar provides one of the best values.

Some of the varied 100 oz. Silver Bars will be in close to, or even in new condition, while others have been passed through the secondary market and will show signs of wear and tear. It is important to note that these bars do not have any inherent lesser value than one of our other 100 oz bars, as each contains the same amount and purity of silver. Please note that toning is a possibility on silver bars. This happens with time as a result of the natural oxidation process and will not detract from the value of the silver.

When looking to invest in a large amount of silver bullion, these specific 100 oz Silver Bars allow buyers to most effectively order silver without spending too much over spot. The difference between these particular bars and our brand specific bars is found primarily in personal preference. If you are looking for, or have the most interest in a particular brand and condition of bar, our other options may be more appealing.