PROMO 2020 Legendary Lures - 1/10 oz. $20 Gold Buel Spoon

1/10th oz of .999 Gold!





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One of the pioneers of the way we fish was a man by the name of Julio T. Buel. He created a fishing lure that revolutionized the industry. He was out fishing one day in 1834 on Lake Bomoseen in Vermont. Legend has it that his boat hit a rock as he was eating, and he dropped his spoon into the water. As he watched it wiggle its way to the bottom, he noticed a fish come and grabbed his spoon and made off with it.

Realizing the potential, he quickly made his way back home and “borrowed” a spoon from his mother. He sawed off the handle and drilled a hole on one end, and soldered a hook on the other. He went back out and ended up catching two large brown trout that he had been trying for years to catch. He then went about town to tell his story, and soon people wanted him to make the Buel Lure for themselves. He ended up receiving a patent for his design and was recognized worldwide for his invention. His lure is still being sold today!

CIT has developed a coin that honors his invention and replicates the unique shape of his spoon lure!  Struck from a 1/10 oz of pure gold in silk finish, this amazing coin would be the perfect gift for your avid fisher! Be sure to get yours before the BIG one gets away!

Face Value20 Dollars
MetalGold .9999
Weight1/10 oz
Size22.5 x 14 mm
QualitySilk finish