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Welcome to Texas Bullion Exchange, The Lone Star States Most Trusted Dealer. We proudly present the 1 oz .999 Silver Round - Don't Tread on Me, a powerful symbol of American liberty and resilience.

This 1 oz Silver Round features the iconic "Don't Tread on Me" design, known for its association with the American Revolution and the principles of individual freedom. The obverse showcases a coiled rattlesnake ready to strike, accompanied by the powerful motto "Don't Tread on Me." The reverse features a majestic eagle, the symbol of strength and liberty.

Coin Specs:

Coin: 1 oz Silver Round - Don't Tread on Me

Weight: 1 oz (28.35 grams)

Purity: .999 fine silver

Diameter: 39 mm

Design: Rattlesnake and Eagle

Mint: Various Private Mints

Investing in the 1 oz Silver Round - Don't Tread on Me is not only a statement of American pride but also a wise decision for several reasons. Silver is a tangible asset that has historically maintained its value and served as a hedge against inflation. By acquiring this silver round, you are not only adding to your precious metals portfolio but also expressing your commitment to the principles of freedom and individual liberties.

At Texas Bullion Exchange, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide exceptional service. We source our silver rounds from reputable private mints, ensuring that each piece meets the highest quality standards.

The 1 oz Silver Round - Don't Tread on Me is a versatile investment option, suitable for both collectors and investors. Its 1 oz weight and .999 fine silver purity make it easily divisible and recognizable within the precious metals market.

Embrace the spirit of American liberty with the 1 oz Silver Round - Don't Tread on Me. This remarkable coin is a symbol of resilience and a tangible reminder of the values that built the nation. Add this iconic silver round to your collection or investment portfolio and show your unwavering commitment to freedom.

Choose Texas Bullion Exchange as your trusted partner in acquiring exceptional silver coins. Invest with confidence, secure your financial future, and join our esteemed clientele. Place your order today and experience the exceptional service and outstanding quality that we are proud to offer.