Silver Burst Coins

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Only 999 Minted!Only 999 Minted!

Perfect NGC PF70 Specimen! Perfect NGC PF70 Specimen!
2022 3 oz. $20 Silver Burst NGC PF70

2022 3 oz. $20 Silver Burst NGC PF70 Video:

2022 3 oz Cook Islands Silver Burst Coin.
The image of a face breaking through and leaving broken fragments of silver behind it really draws and holds your attention. You can’t help but wonder about the message you can take away from it. Maybe how powerful yet fragile we are as people.

Key features: 

  • Made of 3 Troy Ounces of .999 fine silver
  • Certified by NGC as a perfect PF70 specimen
  • Very limited mintage of 999 available worldwide
  • Face value of 20 dollars
  • Proof quality

This high detail gives the coin a kind of 3D effect that only CIT can pull off with their trademark Smartmint technology. This process creates very highly detailed images. This coin is highly collectible with a low mintage and only a handful in PF 70. Be sure to get yours before they are all gone. 

Only 999 Minted!
2022 $10 Silverland - The Rock NGC PF70 2oz Silver UHR

2022 $10 Silverland - The Rock NGC PF70 2oz Silver UHR Video:

This coin captures your attention and your imagination! This incredible 2 oz silver proof is struck with many facets to create a coin like no other. The moment you hold this coin, you will be amazed how the light dances off its surfaces. You instantly start turning the coin in your hand to see all the different perspectives. You can also notice the different layers of the ultra-high relief that extend all the way to the edges. In fact, some of the highest relief can be found around the outside edge!

This is only possible through the use of smartminting® technology. What do you think when you hold this incredible coin? Will you think of a brilliant diamond or of a Geode stone with its crystals inside? Or about how this coin reminds you how multifaceted life can be? No matter what your perspective is, you will be amazed. The mintage is limited to only 1777 pieces.

Face Value10 Dollars
MetalSilver .999
Weight2 oz
Size38.61 mm
Perfect NGC PF70 Specimen!
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